Fiction Specialties

HERE ARE SOME OF THE FICTION CATEGORIES in which particular members of the Consulting Editors Alliance have special talents, expertise, and experience.  Learn more about any editor by clicking on his or her name below.

First Novels:

Marlene Adelstein, Arnold Dolin, Henry Ferris, Sandi Gelles-Cole, David Groff, Danelle McCafferty, Nan Gatewood Satter

Historical Fiction:

Marlene Adelstein, Danelle McCafferty, Nan Gatewood Satter

Literary Fiction:

Marlene Adelstein, Arnold Dolin, Henry Ferris, David Groff, Hilary Hinzmann, Danelle McCafferty, Nancy Nicholas, Alice Peck, Nan Gatewood Satter


Marlene Adelstein, David Groff, Hilary Hinzmann, Judy Kern, Danelle McCafferty, Nancy Nicholas

Women's Fiction/Romance/Chick Lit:

Marlene Adelstein, Sandi Gelles-Cole, David Groff, Judy Kern, Danelle McCafferty, Nan Gatewood Satter

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