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Sandi Gelles-Cole

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Specialties: Commercial fiction; trending nonfiction; memoir; first novels; self-publishing authors.

Sandi spent eleven years as an editor in New York corporate publishing, her last job as a senior acquisitions Editor for Dell/Doubleday.

Since 1983 she has worked as an independent editor. Bestselling authors Sandi has worked with include Danielle Steel (10 novels, one nonfiction book, and a book of poetry); Iris Rainer Dart (author of Beaches); Christiane Northrup (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom); Alan Dershowitz (The Advocate’s Devil); Rita Ewing and Crystal McCrary Anthony (Home Court Advantage). She edited Lilly Ledbetter’s memoir, Grace and Grit, written by Lanier Scott Isom. 

The title Sandi is most proud of in her 40 years of editorial consulting is the evergreen Games Mother Never Taught You, by Betty Lehan Harragan, developed from an adult education class the author was teaching in 1985 and still in print decades later with over 1 million copies sold.


Recently Sandi has been concentrating on development, working with authors early in their book’s life to build concepts into plot lines or insure that characters are three-dimensional.  She helps structure nonfiction and memoirs from the initial stages, building commercial aspects into topics that might otherwise be dry.


Sandi can be reached at and on Facebook on the Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises page.  Visit her web site at

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