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Meet the Editors

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Marlene Adelstein is a freelance developmental editor. She specializes in commercial and literary novels: thrillers, mystery, historical and women’s fiction, first novels; memoir and screenplays.



Arnold Dolin has worked on literary fiction and serious nonfiction—politics, business, memoir, popular psychology--in five decades as editor/publisher.

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Henry Ferris works independently with writers, developing their ideas into book proposals and projects, coaching them through the drafting of their manuscripts and also editing completed manuscripts.

Sandi Gelles-Cole has been a developmental editor of fiction and nonfiction since 1983, after eleven years in New York book publishing.


David Groff, a poet and writer, focuses on editing narrative—literary and popular fiction, memoirs, history, science, sexuality, and politics. 



Hilary Hinzmann coaches writers on developing their work and serves as ghostwriter/collaborator or editor/book doctor on varied nonfiction projects.


Carla Jablonski is a well-known editor, author, and ghostwriter of middle-grade and young adult fiction with many bestsellers to her credit.



Judith Kern is an editor, ghost-writer, and collaborator in areas including food, health, memoir, spirituality, self-improvement, mysteries, and women’s fiction.



Danelle McCafferty offers all stages of editorial development for first novels, thrillers, mysteries, historicals, women's fiction (all genres), and memoirs.



Nancy Nicholas is an editor and writer who works on many kinds of books from literary fiction to cookbooks.



Alice Peck guides authors at every stage from concept to final draft as an editor, collaborator, and ghostwriter. She focuses on books about creativity, mind, and spirit, as well as editing memoir, fiction, and anthologies.


Toni Sciarra Poynter is a nonfiction freelance editor | book editor | book doctor | writer | collaborator. Specialties: psychology/science, social trends, lifestyle/wellness, work/family, self-help.


Nan Gatewood Satter edits fiction—literary, women's, thrillers; narrative nonfiction, particularly memoir; and books dealing with contemporary social issues.



Karl Weber is a writer and editor who specializes in such serious nonfiction topics as business, politics, and social issues.

Karen Wolny has been editing books for over three decades, focusing on serious nonfiction for new and established authors, from writing book proposals to developing and editing full manuscripts. 

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