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Judith Kern


Specialties: Self-help, spirituality, lifestyle, food, health and diet. Other: Mysteries, women’s fiction


Judith Kern was an in-house editor for more than twenty-five years, most recently a senior editor at Doubleday, before becoming an independent editor and writer. She has worked with well-known fiction writers including Charlotte Vale Allen, Jon Hassler, Bette Pesetsky, and Patricia Volk, and Edgar award-winning mystery writers Mary Willis Walker and John Morgan Wilson. Her bestselling and award-winning cookbook authors include Alfred Portale, Pino Luongo, Michael Lomonaco, and Madeleine Kamman.


Karn has collaborated with Jennifer Workman on Stop Your Cravings (The Free Press); with Joe Caruso on The Power of Losing Control (Gotham); and with Dr. Jane Greer on The Afterlife Connection (St. Martin’s Press). She also worked with Alan Morinis on Climbing Jacob's Ladder (Broadway); Dr. Arlene Churn on The End Is Just the Beginning (Doubleday/Harlem Moon); and Ivan Richmond on Growing Up Zen in America (Atria). She is a member of the Author’s Guild, The James Beard Society, and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.



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