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Karl Weber


Specialties: Business, including management, personal finance and business narratives; current affairs, politics, and social issues; religious/spiritual. 


Karl Weber is the proprietor of Rivertowns Books, an independent publisher of serious nonfiction books. He now offers his editorial services exclusively to authors who have chosen to engage in the hybrid publishing process as offered by Rivertowns Books.


In fifteen years as an editor and publisher with McGraw-Hill, the American Management Association, John Wiley & Sons and Times Business/Random House, Weber edited many bestsellers in fields such as management, investing, careers, business narratives and memoirs.He also edited three bestselling books by former President Jimmy Carter, Living Faith, Sources of Strength, and An Hour Before Daylight


In 2008, Weber co-authored Creating a World Without Poverty with Muhammad Yunus, co-winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, which appeared on the New York Times extended bestseller list. In the same year, he edited Scott McClellan's political memoir What Happened, which was a number one New York Times bestseller. Weber also edited Inside the Five-Sided Box by the late Ash Carter (2019), who served as secretary of defense under President Barack Obama.


Each summer, Weber directs the editing workshop of the Denver Publishing Institute. To visit Karl Weber’s personal website, click here.



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